oBehind Closed Door Tour 1995 Review

Englishmen In Holidays

Sorry, Reconstruction Now.

Manchester Apollo 5th May 1995

Thier show in UK... It's time I met them first. Excellent. How difficult I express in English ! Of course I got satisfaction. I thank them, crowd and UK where they were born.
[Set List] in UK

  1. She's So Fine
  2. Fly On The Wall
  3. Higher Ground
  4. Castles In The Sand
  5. Stand Up
  6. Future Train
  7. 'Till The River Runs Dry
  8. Back Street Symphony
  9. Moth To The Flame
  10. Love Walked In
  11. River Of Pain
  12. Ball And Chain
  13. A Better Man
  14. Does It Feel Like Love ?
  15. Dirty Love
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