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Manchester Apollo 5th May 1995, Supporting THUNDER

When SKIN's backdrop appeared, a shout went up in Manchester - Apollo is a all-standing hall -. Even if second bill, they are too much famous. Following funkey BGM, the members appeared. More shouts went up. Now I'm in passionate British crowd. Too much defferent from Japanese one... Great !!

Their show opened 'Money' - their most hit and agressive song - with beat of bass drum. A vocalist Neville MacDonald says "Listen!" - that's the way with him -. He always says as self-confidence. Of course I have no doubt he is one of the best vocalist in UK. I'm also glad to listen your voice TODAY AT LAST!!

The remarkable point of this band is characteristic groove bring bass and drums. Nev's shout - like a black musician - interlocked. Myke Gray's guitar sounds like sharp razers. The thick sound wave surge upon us. We never be inferior to them, shout "Moneyyyy!!" Nev says more "Come On!!" Audience were more louder and crap hands. How excite! Still just a beginning of the show.

Following, they contineously played new song - they'll release album this autamn- 'I Believe'. I had ever heard audience's tension never relax though they played new songs on previous tour. On this tour too. The reason is those are suitable songs we just want the band to play. I think especially 'One Nation' is one of the best songs they'd ever made. For addition of a keyboardist, sound grew up with strength and groovy. They caliculate how the song remain our minds. I can't help falling expectation of their next album - will be full of their passion and identity, with more beautiful ballads -.

The band - especially Nev's voice - never be tired. When they played regular songs from first album, they cheer up more and more. New single 'Take Me Down To The River' is stronger than I've ever heard at concert in Japan. As result of the studio recording, they perhaps can express the song more splendidly. And what a beautiful ballad 'Tower Of strength' is ! I recognized Nev is good singer worthy of note. 'Look But Don't Touch' is also one of the song likely them. We enjoyed to sing louder "Baby baby baby, look but don't touch!!" The last song is EMF's 'Unbelievable'. I hear this song always be positioned ending of the show though it's covered song. I think the reason is... the time - we spend together like a fandango - is unbelievable time for both the band and audience. They must have gotten enough of our satisfaction even if it's very short show.

I've ever seen them twice in Japan. Unfortunately they were not famous yet, as opener for defferent-type band. So crowd kept cool and the band could not display their real talent. But here in UK, I recognized they're real band trained by live performance. I'm glad the band I'm into truly has good stuff. In Japan they are becoming more famous. I'm looking forward that they'll back Japan as head-liner again...

[ Set List ]

  1. Money
  2. I Believe
  3. Shine Your Light On Me
  4. Do The Right Thing
  5. One Nation
  6. Back Door Man
  7. Tower Of Strength
  8. Take Me Down To The River
  9. Look But Don't Touch
  10. Unbelievable
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