oOur Dedication - Happy Birthday Phil!

Issue on 20th Aug.1995

Happy Birthday to you

"Happy Birthday, Mr.Cowboy!" Taken From Mr.Mark Putterford's "PHILIP LYNOTT THE ROCKER" (Castle Communications ISBN 1-898141-50-9) sorry, pix by unknown.

It's special day, August 20th. I'd like to celebrate the day better than January 4th. Because I think we have no chance to meet much great music without the day Phil Lynott was born.
Every birthday, I hear and talk about Lizzy with my Japanese friends. From this year, I can discuss with Internet people over the world. Fortunately I have a chance to meet John Sykes the day (he appeared at some CD stores for promotion of his new album), so I ask my page's listeners to send messages for Phil or John. I'd like to give him them, hands by hands.
Though it's a short period, I'm glad I can receive some. I introduce them - how affectionately they are for Lizzy music!

From Miss.Elizabeth D. Poole who is owner of THIN LIZZY World Wide Web Page.
I guess I would just like to say that Thin Lizzy lives on...
They have not been left out the of the vast Internet, because there are leagues of fans here in cyberspace who think Thin Lizzy is still the best band in the world. You have our support, now and forever.
Thanks to Philo (Happy Birthday!) and Thin Lizzy for all the music.

From Mr. Nikos Kalogeropoulos, Australlia
To John Sykes,
The flame of Thin Lizzy will burn in our souls for eternity.

From Mr.Lennart Hedenstrom, Sweden
I would like to write John a message:
John, you are one of my absolute favourite musicians. I share your love of Phil Lynott's music very much and I saw you both live in Stockholm in 1983 and eventhough there were some problems with the sound that night I treasure that memory very much. Next year I hope to be able to see you live again at "the Vibe for Philo" in Dublin. I also hope you and your band will make it over to Sweden this time to play live and promoting your new album. Good luck with everything!
Here is my message to Phil:
Phil, happy birthday wherever you are. Your music still means everything to me. You were the greatest and you are sadly missed.

Phil looks gentle guy...I miss you
Above pic is taken from Dr.Adam Winstanley's fanzine 'Black Rose'#7 Pix by Mr.M. Maloney

Thanks, all. I just surely have given him your messages.

I still want listner's comments. Please send me.

John Sykes also give us some talks about Thin Lizzy, while he stay in Japan.
(Sorry, I'm not good at hearing English, it's summary what he says)

Q:What's a desert CD (If you live on no man's island)?
A:"Live And Dangerous".
Q:How about "WHITESNAKE 1987"?
A:(Laughing) No, absolutely.
Q:You make your mind Thin Lizzy re-union last year. What's going on?
A:I call on Scott Gorham and talk about it. We have several un-released material, so we'd like to release it added some recording, like method of "Dedication".
Q:What happen on the next tribute event (Jan.4th) ?
A:We will reunion as last year's members. Of course we must ask to join Gary Moore and other ex-Lizzy members. More musicians says they do, best wishes. I hear Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose are into Lizzy. I ask them.

Special thanks to Mr.
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